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Version from the 02th of September 2022

The Privacy policy (hereinafter the "Policy") covers any information that allows or does not allow to identify a user (including personal data) in accordance with applicable law (hereinafter the "Personal data"), which Anna Vilmas may obtain when a user uses any programs and/or websites of our Developer (hereinafter the "Services").
You provide the Developer with your personal data and give full and unconditional consent to processing of your personal data, including cross-border transfer, only in accordance with the Policy.
Purposes of Personal Data Processing
- The Developer processes information about Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the obligations of the Developer to Users in relation to use of the Services.

Processed user data
- The Developer may process the following categories of personal information, depending on the Service used by the User:
- Personal information provided by Users themselves when using the Service, namely: surname, name, patronymic, phone number, country of residence, address, age, data on expenses and income, account balance, email, Skype number;
- Electronic data (IP address, cookies, browser ID data, hardware and software information, mobile operator name);
- Date and time of access to the Service (including time zone);
- Information about activity during the use of the Service;
- Information about geolocation;
- Information received from third parties in accordance with the terms of agreements concluded between Users and third parties and/or agreements concluded between the Developer and third parties.
- Information automatically obtained by the Developer using files (cookies) when the User accesses the Site. The user can restrict or prohibit the use of cookies by using the settings of his browser. Cookies are not harmful and do not contain viruses.
- If the Product contains a face editing function, the Developer declares that the Developer does not process User’s images and does not get access to these images. These Services allow the User to edit image and save it in the device's memory without transferring the resulting image to the Developer.
Cookies and similar technologies
- "Cookie" is a text file containing information downloaded to your device during the use of the Services. The downloaded text file is sent back to the server each time the Services are used. Cookies are necessary to analyze the use of the Services and are used to improve marketing offers and provide the User with content and features of interest. Third-party analytics tools implement cookies or similar technologies to analyze Service traffic.

Transfer and exchange of data
- The Developer transfers personal information to third parties in order to achieve the goals specified in the Policy. Such third parties may include:
- Partners, such as owners of sites and applications, advertising networks, and other partners providing services related to the placement and display of advertisements on sites or services that are owned or controlled by the partners;
- Any national and/or international regulatory authority, law enforcement bodies, central or local executive authorities, other official or state bodies or courts, with respect to which the Developer is obliged to provide information in accordance with the applicable laws upon request;
- Third parties, if the User has consented to the transfer of Personal Information, or the transfer of Personal Information is required to provide services or perform a specific agreement or fulfill a contract entered into with the User;
- Any third party which provides legal protection to the Developer or any third parties in case of violation of the User Agreement for the Developer's services, this Policy or the terms governing the use of individual Services, or in a situation where there is a threat of such a violation.
- The Developer may share the information obtained through tools such as cookies, registration files, and device identifiers with third parties who provide automated processing technologies to the Services. The Developer does not control or influence the data processing operations of such third parties or how such data may be used.
Sale of personal data
- The Developer has not sold personal user data within the last 12 (twelve) months and does not sell personal data. The term "sale" as defined in the CCPA is used to define this item.

Storage and use of personal data.
- Personal data of Users are stored exclusively on electronic media and processed using automated systems, except for cases when non-automated processing of personal data is necessary in connection with the fulfillment of the requirements of the legislation.
- The Developer stores the User's personal data for the purposes for which it was collected and is deleted when you stop using the Product, or until the expiration of the mandatory storage of personal information provided by applicable law. If the necessary conditions are met, the User's personal data will be completely deleted.
Rights and Obligations of Users
- The User has the right to receive information about personal data processed by the Developer.
- If the information about the User is incorrect or incomplete, the User can correct and/or supplement the information on their own, if the Service allows it, or contact the Developer and demand to correct and/or supplement the incorrect information.
- In addition, the User has the right to: request the complete removal of Personal Information; demand restrictions on the processing of Personal Information; object to the processing of Personal Information.
- To exercise any of the above rights, the User may contact the Developer by e-mail sharking55555@gmail.com. The Developer shall ensure the exercise of the above rights only in relation to the information to which the Developer has access to and which is stored by the Developer. The Developer must first identify the User to process a request.
- When processing information for marketing purposes, the User may submit a request to stop processing data for such purposes. To exercise this right, the User must contact the third-party service providers listed in the Privacy Policy.

- Users have the right to send their requests to the Developer, including requests regarding the use of their personal data, in the form of an electronic document signed by a qualified electronic signature in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, at the e-mail address: sharking55555@gmail.com.
- The Developer undertakes to consider and send a response to the User's request within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.

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